To acquire oil and gas licences in which we can actively influence near-term activity to unlock previously untapped value

  • The management team at United Oil & Gas has a proven track record of successfully evaluating and recommending farm-in deals, and will actively seek appropriate opportunities to acquire assets in which full value is not currently being realised.
  • Once licences are acquired, we will use our experience of actively working operated and non-operated equity holdings to instigate activity and unlock the identified additional value.
  • United Oil & Gas will primarily focus on the UK & Europe, where we can take advantage of the management team’s experience, and also benefit from the stable political and fiscal systems in the region. However, we will consider assets in other countries and regions on an opportunist basis.
  • The management team have an extensive network of senior oil and gas executives which we will use to access early divestment opportunities and avoid auctioned transactions.
  • United Oil & Gas aim to build a portfolio of exploration, development and production assets. The management team will actively manage the portfolio, looking for any opportunities to make enhanced returns to equity holders.